It is commonly accepted that our society is a totalitarian one. Nowadays it is essential to acknowledge that the mere use of hardware, software and communication systems imply complex relationships.

Our Law Firm has brought a group of lawyers dedicated to issues related to the sectors of telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) together in a single team. This team puts us in the perfect position to take an integrated approach to these issues and this enables us to bring added quality to the services we provide to our clients.

Our Team have extensive and widely recognized experience in providing legal advice to companies, operators and investors from the telecommunications, media and technology sectors, both in Portugal and internationally. This advice covers areas ranging from regulation of electronic communication, television and social communication and the acquisition and licensing of software to e-commerce, data protection, supply of hardware, outsourcing of IT systems and electronic signatures.

The TMT practice area also guarantees a close working relationship with our intellectual property team, which has received well-deserved recognition both in Portugal and on an international level. Its work alongside the TMT practice enables us to provide a response to the increasing number of challenges being faced in the areas of protection of intellectual property rights in connection with new information and communication technology.

The legal skills that have been acquired by the members of this team mean that we can provide high quality legal support for the sectors in which technology and information systems now play an increasingly important role and these sectors include life sciences, biotechnology, biomedicine, and nanotechnology.

This Department aims to support its clients in a proper legal use managing the following activities:

  • Carrying out software and hardware supply contracts.
  • Caution as to the proper employment of technical back-up and grant guarantee terms against defects and good functioning.
  • Electronic business implementation from an electronic business market business-to-business point of view.
  • Long distance employment.
  • Data base licence as well as protection and use.
  • Establishment and lawsuits attendance concerning computer crimes.