Our Registry and Notary team use the electronic means to practice a set of registry and notary acts that are transversal to all areas of practice of the Firm, namely:

  • Commercial Registry;
  • Vehicle Registry;
  • Civil Registry;
  • Real Estate Registry;
  • Promotion of all acts of registry through the Internet;
  • Document storage;
  • Requests and consultation of Permanent Certificate of the Commercial, Vehicle, Civil and Real Estate Registries;
  • Real Estate Taxation (IMI – Real Estate Municipal Tax, IMT- Real Estate Municipal Tax over Onerous Transmissions and IS - Stamp Duty);
  • Consultancy on the elaboration of loan agreements with erga omnes guarantee;
  • Follow-up with Notaries, Registries and Finances Services.

On the other hand, for several years now, taking advantage of the legal competences and skills that have been attributed to the lawyers, that once were of the exclusive competence of Notaries, our Law Firm carries out of the following acts:

  • Grant of all types of powers of attorney, either through in person recognition of the letter and of the signature, or through authentication;
  • Grant of company constitution agreements, with in person recognition of the letter and of the signature of the founding shareholders;
  • Authentication of all types of private agreements, except of those for which the law requires notarial deed;
  • Certification of photocopies;
  • Recognition of signatures (simple, with special mentions by similarity and with special mentions in person);
  • Authentication of particular documents;
  • Certification of translation of documents;
  • Translation and certification of translation of documents.