Members from this Department are able to render the following Consultancy services together with the Human Resources department of each company:

  • Organisational studies and organisation charts making.
  • Disciplinary legal proceedings institution and instruction concerning board administration and workers.
  • Individual and joint contracts.
  • Union negotiation.
  • Individual working contracts making.
  • Stoppage (holidays and absences).
  • Working time and temporary organisation (work in shifts, partial and overtime work).
  • Halting due to job’s desertion.
  • Working contract stoppage and unpaid leave.
  • Salaries processing (payroll, tax duties for Social Security and IRS – tax upon single person’s income).
  • Individual working contract’s halting.
  • In term and temporary employment.
  • Legal obligations fulfilment (communications, insurance, time schedule working charts, staff charts).
  • Social protection (motherhood and fatherhood, discharge, retirement, disability and unemployment).
  • Security services, hygiene and working health: contract and legal obligations fulfilment.
  • Working accidents and professional diseases.
  • Other working matters.