The International & Foreign Investment Legal Team provides services mainly to foreign companies that intend to invest, direct or indirectly, in Portugal as well as to Portuguese companies that maintain business relationships with partners from other countries on their most assorted economic areas.

 Our clients trust and value the quality of specialized knowledge we possess in international corporate operations (particularly mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures) and seek our advice for operations in Europe and other parts of the world.

 Our lawyers work in an international context on a daily basis and are sensitive to the various cultural, methodological and specific differences that companies come up against when conducting operations abroad.

 We have the necessary experience to assist clients in transacting business in other countries and the capacity to conduct and conclude international operations successfully.

 These services work on the following sectors:

  •  Foreign investment process in Portugal.
  •  Creation of branches, agencies and other kind of representation.
  • Appliance process to a fixed residence in Portugal.
  •  “Joint-Ventures” creation.
  • International contracts (patents and brands licence as well as any other industrial property private rights).
  • European Union legislation and rules as well as the way it applies to Portuguese companies.