The Real Estate Legal Team is a well experienced working in real estate operations in Portugal and the work of the lawyers that make up our real estate team encompasses all aspects of real estate and corporate real estate, from dealing with every aspect of the disposal of real estate assets to structuring and negotiating a full range of real estate operations. These operations include forward funding contracts, turn-keys, guaranteed income acquisitions, sale and lease back, forward purchase, real estate due diligence, structuring of real estate company groups, real estate investment funds and operations involving institutional investors.

Our real estate lawyers are highly experienced in negotiating all types of real estate contracts relating to rights of use of real estate assets. In particular our lawyers handle contracts related to the use of retail units in shopping centres and retail parks, residential and commercial letting agreements, land use leases and contracts for the transfer of existing business establishments.

The real estate team also provides legal support in a wide variety of planning and land registry matters, including the subdivision of land and buildings, land consolidation and severance and horizontal property issues. In general terms, the team handles all issues relating to the establishment and registration of rights of ownership and other rights over real property. 

Our real estate lawyers also have the know-how to provide legal support at every stage - acquisition, planning, construction, development, letting and sale - of a full range of real estate projects.

Our experience encompasses shopping centres, residential developments, business and retail parks, hotels, tourist developments, industrial units and infrastructure. We also handle all issues relating to leisure or sporting developments such as theme parks and golf courses and we have an in-depth knowledge of the judicial, contractual and legal intricacies of every type of real estate asset.