The Taxation Legal Team is focused on company’s fiscal assistance and planning.

Furthermore, besides the consultancy rendered on taxation areas concerning single persons income, companies taxation and the one related to capital application and property transmission it also advises about duties and VAT charged on interstates borders.

Some of the issues considered on the Consultancy services rendered on this Department, are:

  • Companies’ groups fiscal planning.
  • Taxation upon companies’ income.
  • Taxation upon capital and societies’ property.
  • Taxation upon several kinds of workers remuneration working for the companies.
  • Subsidiaries or branches taxation, in Portugal or abroad.
  • Tax avoidance and double taxation in the European Union
  • Lawsuits appeal, appeal to a higher Court and fiscal pledge in what concerns litigious taxation .
  • Instruction of lawsuits with a fine or crimes due to taxation breaches.
  • Other fiscal matters.