This Department renders services to those companies valued on the Stock market and performs a large number of operations attached to all the business dynamic specially the ones related to:

  • Societies’ constitution, changing and liquidation.
  • Social shares purchase and transfer.
  • Actions and bonds issue as well as their records and other securities market operations.
  • Workers participation plans on the equity capital, namely through the “stock options” preparation plans.
  • Business reorganisation.
  • General meeting.
  • Company organs internal functioning.
  • “Joint-ventures”, mergers and other business co-operation forms.
  • Fixed assets licence for the industrial and business activity.
  • Competition’s defence and industrial property private rights protection (brands, patents, logos).
  • Private Health’s Unit activity’s licensing.
  • Licensing of Real Estates, Travel and Tourism Agencies as well as Private Security Activity.
  • Other subjects connected with the associate phenomenon.

  As for the Contract Department concerns, our Team may offer experience in order to fit and formulate the following contract relations whether in Private or Public Law:

  •  Purchase, sale, lease, sublease and exploration halting contracts as well as any other form of fixed assets transmission.
  • Contract and subcontract job with previous application and attendance to open competition legal proceedings.
  • Goods supply and services rendering contracts, namely on those areas ruled by the pharmaceutical industry and health in general standing out the application and attendance to open competition legal proceedings.
  • Rental contracts, franchise, business agency and other distribution contracts.

  The role of our Restructuring and Insolvency Team is to provide support in corporate restructuring and liquidation cases on any scale. The team works from the perspective of creditors to defend their right to receive to what is owed to them and to ensure they can exercise all rights conferred on them by the law. 

 From the perspective of the company, the Restructuring and Insolvency Team is specifically geared to providing advice on a full range of approaches to recovery, either before or during legal proceedings. These approaches include out of court conciliation mechanisms such as SIREVE and PER (the out of court systems for recovery of companies), restructuring by contract, or by legal models for reconciliation or recovery.

In the context of liquidation of assets, these specialist insolvency lawyers act to ensure the best valuation of the assets and effective payment of the creditors. The team also has extensive experience in advising on transnational and cross-border insolvency cases.