The lawyers which integrate the Banking and Financial Department are duly qualified to provide consultancy services regarding the support of the activity carried out by credit and/or financial institutions, namely:

  • Constitution, organic and modalities of insurance companies, insurance brokers and insurance mediators;
  • Credit institution’s constitution, organic and kind, namely banks, investment societies, lease factoring and financial societies for credit acquisition.
  • Lease societies’ constitution, organic and kinds, namely brokers and financial brokerage, money or exchange markets mediators, investment fixed assets funds (open, closed, treasury funds, funds’ funds and funds grouping) and fixed assets, property management and venture capital societies.
  • Opening accounts operation of single and joint persons, type of movement and contingencies arisen.
  • Banking contracts making, type and conditions, namely in what loans concern (financing and security current account), consumer credit, purchase and sale with loan and with or without mortgage or other real and personal guarantee, banking pledge.
  • Non-banking contracts–leasing and factoring. Their rules, types and conditions.
  • Credit bonds and ways of payment –cheques, exchange bills and drafts.
  • Types of operations and banking credit – loan account, credit opening security current account or non-security, discount credit, banking overdrawn, banking guarantee and sureties.
  • Banking credit guarantees: security, banking guarantee, surety, mortgage and seizure.
  • Banking responsability.
  •  Credit institutions and financial societies as well as the IRC.
  • Banking operations, VAT and Vehicles tax.
  • Banking secrecy.
  • Leasing fixed assets and equipment’s financing.
  • Leasing movable assets and fixed assets financing 

and, also, with regard to the Insurance Activity, the wide knowledge about the respective problematic and our multidisciplinary vocation allow us to provide full advice adding value to our Clients, national and international, namely in the following areas:

  • Legal assistance and consultancy relating with matters of insurance mediation and impact of the standard rules applicable;
  • Assistance on the fulfillment of the information duties towards the Clients;
  • Assistance in matters of Corporate and Tax Law;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Regulation of the Insurance Activity;
  • Plans and Pension Funds; and, also,
  • Right of the Insurance Agreement, among others.